These are 4 signs that show its time to replace your golf cart batteries

Golf cart batteries don’t come cheap therefore the task of replacing them may end up becoming a relatively expensive affair. This is precisely the reason why you have to be sure that the battery actually needs a replacement. Batteries are generally designed to operate in a certain way therefore when they begin their deterioration you will notice a deep in their performance.

These are the 4 signs that show you that it’s time to replace your golf cart batteries.

#1 When you notice that it’s taking much longer to charge it

Generally, the more batteries age the less the charge they hold in comparison to how much they held when they were still newer. It’s for this reason that once a battery starts deteriorating it will also start taking longer to reach its full charge.

#2 When you notice that it’s losing power very quickly

Most standard golf cart batteries are designed to power a golf cart for a distance of at least 7 miles on a single charge. Generally, being a frequent user of your golf cart, you will have a clear idea of how far you will be able to drive your cart depending without having to recharge your batteries. However, when your batteries begin to deteriorate, you will notice that a single charge no longer gives you the same usage time it did in the past.

golf cart - These are 4 signs that show its time to replace your golf cart batteries

#3 When you notice that your golf cart does not accelerate as fast as it used to

One of the key selling points for electronic golf carts is their acceleration power and speed. The more you drive it, the more you will be familiar with its capabilities in terms of acceleration power and speed. When at some point you start noticing that the golf cart no longer accelerates as fast as it used to therefore taking longer to reach its top speed, and also faces a bit of difficulty going over inclines and climbing hills, then it may be an indication that it’s time to get your batteries replaced.

#4 When you notice the batteries beginning to bulge and are leaking acid

If you fail to replace your batter even after experiencing the above signs, the final sign of battery deterioration that you will notice is bulging of the battery and leaking of acid. This is a sign that means the battery requires an immediate replacement because it may stop working at any moment.

Because battery packs for golf carts will contain a number of batteries, it’s advisable to replace all of them even if it’s only one that is showing signs of deterioration. This is because it’s much better for you when all the batteries have the same performance level and it will also be cheaper in the long run when you replace the entire pack at once.

Be sure to check out for these signs so that you don’t suffer the embarrassment and inconvenience of your cart stalling in the middle of a course.