4 golf etiquettes you must learn before your first tournament

In one of our previous articles we talked about taking time to learn about golf etiquette as this was an essential component of becoming a good golf player. We are therefore focusing on golf etiquettes that you must learn before taking part in your first golf tournament. These are essentially rules that will improve your game play and your standing with other players on the course.

Here are 4 golf etiquettes you must learn before your first tournament.

tour - 4 golf etiquettes you must learn before your first tournament

You must learn to be a fast player

It’s important never to be the slowest player in the pack because you will be responsible for slowing down the pace of the game and no one enjoys a slow golf game. You must therefore learn how to be a fast player so that you don’t become the person people dread to be a part of their tournaments.

Learn to control your emotions

Golf is a game that will be full of emotions. Things can at times get frustrating when you just find yourself off your game missing shots you normally make very easily or at times being at the top of your game making shots you never knew you could make. In all of this, whether you are dealing with joyful emotions or frustrations, you must learn to control them because overexpressing your emotions may make other players uneasy therefore affecting their game.

Remember to always repair the ground you’ve played on

Remember that a golf course needs to be smooth and free of obstacles apart from the designated ones that may interfere with the movement of the ball. Anytime you hit the ball and cause a dent or any other form of damage on the ground however minimal, you must immediately repair it to ensure that it’s as nice and smooth as you found it. It serves you right when you ask yourself whether you would be upset if you found the kind of damage you yourself are about to leave behind for other players to find.

cart - 4 golf etiquettes you must learn before your first tournament

Learn how to make your golf cart invisible

It’s a known fact that golf carts are a part of a game of golf because the massive size of modern day courses makes it a bit cumbersome to cover on foot with all the golf gear therefore golf carts come in handy. As you use your cart, you must always ensure that you don’t leave a trace of it behind. Be sure not to leave behind any form of damage on the turf. Practice on how to be invisible by learning how to drive in a way that doesn’t leave behind any form of traces on the turf.

These are just a few of the etiquettes you need to learn therefore take your time and do a bit of research on all etiquettes of golf so as to improve your overall standing among your peers.