The layout of our golf course follows a certain kind of pattern, principles, and aesthetics with the natural landscaping in the mind of the architect. The course of Blackwood Golf Club takes on par-5 holes (between 451 to 690 yards or 412 to 631 meters).

The holes are laid in one long loop that starts from the clubhouse and at the same time ends at the exact same location. A teeing ground or tee-box has constituted the first section of each hole and is level and feasible. There are colour-coded tee markers in the area for easy identification such as red, gold and white.

Next to the tee box is the fairway followed by putting green. The putting green area, or aptly called as the green, has trimmed grass. While on the green, there is a water hazard, specifically a lake. If the golfer can pass through the water hazard, another putting green area is followed.

Next to the second putting green area is another hazard – sand traps. However, if the golfer is again able to pass the sand traps, he is then met with another water hazard –this time in the form of a pond. After this water hazard lies another putting green area. Lastly, the golfer will arrive at the end of the loop which the clubhouse.

If you want to practice on your golfing skills or a warmup for the big game, you can go to the driving range which is located just a few meters from the loop. It has practice greens, bunkers, and driving areas. There is also a practice course for shorter and easier plays which is located close to the clubhouse.