These are the reasons why golf can be played by anyone

Golf is not a game that is meant for only professional golfers and wealthy individuals, it’s a game that should be played by everyone, young or old, rich or poor, professional or amateur. The most important thing is that they enjoy playing the game and have a passion for it. You will never know if this is the sport for you, not until you set foot on the green and take your first swing.

We take a look at the reasons why golf can be played by anyone.

Playing golf as children

Many of the golf players who are ranked highly began playing golf as young children. In many cases, they started by playing mini-golf which is a very popular game among young children and as they grew older they were introduced to the golf course most likely by their parents or close relatives and they start playing in amateur tournaments. Such children end up perfecting their game play and will often rise through the ranks and become professional golfers. It’s actually advisable to introduce children to this sport so that they have ample time to hone their skills.

old - These are the reasons why golf can be played by anyone

Playing golf as seniors

Golf is a sport that is of tremendous benefits to seniors and in most cases will be prescribed to them by their doctors. It offers them a great opportunity to exercise as well as socialize with their peers or mentor their juniors. Some seniors may take up golf later in life after they have retired whereas others happen to have played golf all their lives. It’s mostly the latter who will take up the responsibility of teaching newbies at the golf course.

golf4 - These are the reasons why golf can be played by anyone

Playing golf as women

Gone are the days when golf was seen as a male sport, as today we have women players in both the professional and amateur leagues and they are very good at the sport. So popular is women golfing that women specific golfing equipment and merchandise are selling pretty fast. Mostly, female tournaments are usually held separately from male tournaments but there are a number of golf courses that try to make things a little bit more interesting by having tournaments that involve both men and women competing against each other.

All in all, to be good at golf you must never forget that practice makes perfect. It’s never too late to get into the sport. All that is required is drive, passion and an investment in good equipment and a good golf course.