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4 golf etiquettes you must learn before your first tournament

In one of our previous articles we talked about taking time to learn about golf etiquette as this was an essential component of becoming a good golf player. We are therefore focusing on golf etiquettes that you must learn before taking part in your first golf tournament. These are essentially rules that will improve your game play and your standing with other players on the course.

Here are 4 golf etiquettes you must learn before your first tournament.

tour - 4 golf etiquettes you must learn before your first tournament

You must learn to be a fast player

It’s important never to be the slowest player in the pack because you will be responsible for slowing down the pace of the game and no one enjoys a slow golf game. You must therefore learn how to be a fast player so that you don’t become the person people dread to be a part of their tournaments.

Learn to control your emotions

Golf is a game that will be full of emotions. Things can at times get frustrating when you just find yourself off your game missing shots you normally make very easily or at times being at the top of your game making shots you never knew you could make. In all of this, whether you are dealing with joyful emotions or frustrations, you must learn to control them because overexpressing your emotions may make other players uneasy therefore affecting their game.

Remember to always repair the ground you’ve played on

Remember that a golf course needs to be smooth and free of obstacles apart from the designated ones that may interfere with the movement of the ball. Anytime you hit the ball and cause a dent or any other form of damage on the ground however minimal, you must immediately repair it to ensure that it’s as nice and smooth as you found it. It serves you right when you ask yourself whether you would be upset if you found the kind of damage you yourself are about to leave behind for other players to find.

cart - 4 golf etiquettes you must learn before your first tournament

Learn how to make your golf cart invisible

It’s a known fact that golf carts are a part of a game of golf because the massive size of modern day courses makes it a bit cumbersome to cover on foot with all the golf gear therefore golf carts come in handy. As you use your cart, you must always ensure that you don’t leave a trace of it behind. Be sure not to leave behind any form of damage on the turf. Practice on how to be invisible by learning how to drive in a way that doesn’t leave behind any form of traces on the turf.

These are just a few of the etiquettes you need to learn therefore take your time and do a bit of research on all etiquettes of golf so as to improve your overall standing among your peers.

How to find a good service dealer for your golf cart

Your golf cart will need good and regular servicing just the same way your car needs good and regular servicing from a mechanic. The difference is that golf carts require much specialized services which are not easy to find. This is because there are plenty of service providers out there offering the service but not all of them will provide you with the right kind of service. It’s therefore important for you to be able to know how to differentiate the good service providers from the bad ones.

Here are a couple of tips on how to find a good service dealer for your golf cart.

First, check their reviews

Thanks to the internet, you can quickly be able to check out how the services of a dealer are by going through their online reviews from past clients they have served. A service dealer with many bad reviews is one you should stay clear of whereas the one with good reviews is the one you should consider working with. In the event the dealer does not have an online presence, you could request them for customer references so that you can have a talk with their past clients to find out more about the quality of their service offering.

Physically visit the service dealer

Once you have an idea of the service dealer you want to work with, ensure that you pay a visit to their physical store to verify whether the information you retrieved online or through references was legit. Use this visit as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the service provider including verifying whether they have the requisite knowledge about golf carts. You are required to ask as many questions as possible until you are fully satisfied with the answers that you get.  Because you may also not be 100 per cent knowledgeable about golf carts, it’s advisable that you find a resource platform to verify all the information that the service provider gives you.

car - How to find a good service dealer for your golf cart

Find out if they have adequate manufacturer representation

Some of the best golf cart dealers that you should hope to find are those that have been certified by manufacturers to refurbish as well as deal with their golf cart brands. Here you can be guaranteed of good service because they have already been vetted and deemed worthy by the manufacturer. You should also look out for the dealers who refurbish and sell golf carts without having any form of certification, and be very cautious about dealing with them because you can’t verify their credibility.

All in all, don’t treat finding a service provider as an emergency this is a process that you should start long before your golf cart requires servicing so that you have sufficient time to do your due diligence.  We trust that with this information, you are in a much better position to be able to seek out and work with a good golf cart service dealer who will guarantee you quality services.

These are 4 signs that show its time to replace your golf cart batteries

Golf cart batteries don’t come cheap therefore the task of replacing them may end up becoming a relatively expensive affair. This is precisely the reason why you have to be sure that the battery actually needs a replacement. Batteries are generally designed to operate in a certain way therefore when they begin their deterioration you will notice a deep in their performance.

These are the 4 signs that show you that it’s time to replace your golf cart batteries.

#1 When you notice that it’s taking much longer to charge it

Generally, the more batteries age the less the charge they hold in comparison to how much they held when they were still newer. It’s for this reason that once a battery starts deteriorating it will also start taking longer to reach its full charge.

#2 When you notice that it’s losing power very quickly

Most standard golf cart batteries are designed to power a golf cart for a distance of at least 7 miles on a single charge. Generally, being a frequent user of your golf cart, you will have a clear idea of how far you will be able to drive your cart depending without having to recharge your batteries. However, when your batteries begin to deteriorate, you will notice that a single charge no longer gives you the same usage time it did in the past.

golf cart - These are 4 signs that show its time to replace your golf cart batteries

#3 When you notice that your golf cart does not accelerate as fast as it used to

One of the key selling points for electronic golf carts is their acceleration power and speed. The more you drive it, the more you will be familiar with its capabilities in terms of acceleration power and speed. When at some point you start noticing that the golf cart no longer accelerates as fast as it used to therefore taking longer to reach its top speed, and also faces a bit of difficulty going over inclines and climbing hills, then it may be an indication that it’s time to get your batteries replaced.

#4 When you notice the batteries beginning to bulge and are leaking acid

If you fail to replace your batter even after experiencing the above signs, the final sign of battery deterioration that you will notice is bulging of the battery and leaking of acid. This is a sign that means the battery requires an immediate replacement because it may stop working at any moment.

Because battery packs for golf carts will contain a number of batteries, it’s advisable to replace all of them even if it’s only one that is showing signs of deterioration. This is because it’s much better for you when all the batteries have the same performance level and it will also be cheaper in the long run when you replace the entire pack at once.

Be sure to check out for these signs so that you don’t suffer the embarrassment and inconvenience of your cart stalling in the middle of a course.

Here are 3 easy tips on learning how to play golf

Golf is a game that is relatively easy to learn as long as you have a passion for it and you have access to a good golf course to practice and a good instructor to teach you all the basics. However, you must keep in mind that in order to become a pro at golfing you will need a lot of patience because this is a skill that is built over time. All in all, Golf is a game of fundamental procedures which once you grasp, you are well on your way to becoming a good golfer.

Here are 3 easy tips on learning how to play golf

golf5 - Here are 3 easy tips on learning how to play golf

Focus on learning the shots required at various stages of the game

When playing a game of golf you will always be required to make very specific types of shots at various stages of the game and also depending on the design of the golf course itself or the hazards that you encounter during game play. It’s therefore very important for you to focus on learning the different types of shots and when they are used. The most common shots are the pitch and the chip. The former is mostly used when you need the ball in the air and the latter is used when you need the ball to roll on the ground. These shots will also be made using very specific golf club designs therefore this is something you must familiarize yourself with.

Focus on learning the proper stance

For you to be able to swing the golf club and strike the ball well, you need the proper stance. A good stance will help you to apply the right kind of force when hitting the ball so that it can go as far as you want it to go as well as in the direction you want it to go. A good stance will include the position of your upper body, hips and legs. Generally, your stance should allow you to move your arms, and feet when taking a golf swing.

Focus on learning golf etiquette

Part of learning the game of golf is learning golf etiquette. This is more than just learning about the rules of the game, it’s also about learning how to conduct yourself, while on the golf course as well as while with other players. The more you practice these etiquettes, the better you will be at paying attention to them and by extension improving your game play.

These are not expensive undertakings as you can first opt to use online resources to get the basics then hire an inexpensive instructor to show you the practical side of things.

The 4 major golf tournaments in the world

Golf is a global sport therefore it’s played by professionals from all around the world. There are global tournaments that are usually organized to give these professionals from across the world an opportunity to compete against each other with at steak being cash prizes as well as bragging rights. These tournaments commonly referred to as the PGA tour are usually spread out in the year to give golfers an opportunity to adequately rest in between tournaments as well as prepare for the next one.

Let’s take a look at the four major golf tournaments in the world that make up the PGA tour.

tourn - The 4 major golf tournaments in the world

The Masters

The Masters which is usually held annually in the month of April, in Georgia is usually the first of these tournaments. It’s the only major global golf tournament that has been held in the same place every year since it started. It’s actually among the oldest golf tournaments in the United States of America and is considered like part of the country’s traditions.

The British Open

The British Open is the oldest among these global golf tournaments and it usually takes place annually in July. As the name suggests, the tournament is usually played in Britain but in different golf courses. The British open is considered as the golf tournament with the most traditions mostly because Britain is believed to be the birthplace of golf. This tournament is also considered as one of the most difficult and unpredictable and has produced many unexpected winners.

tourna2 - The 4 major golf tournaments in the world

The US Open

The US Open which is usually held in August every year will often be held in different top golf courses from around the US. It’s a tournament that spectators love because of the fact that it’s held in different states therefore it will eventually land in someone’s town therefore giving them an opportunity to watch it live.

The PGA Championship

The PGA Championship is the last of these golf tournaments and it happens to be a very exclusive event with plenty of restrictions on who can participate. Part of this is because it has a much smaller field therefore it’s only the top golf players who are invited to take part in the competition. In addition, the small field means that the event will move faster. This annual tournament will be held in different golf courses around the United States with a specific focus on southern states because the weather is usually friendlier during that time of the year.

There you have it. We trust that you now have a better understanding of the major global golf tournaments.

These are the reasons why golf can be played by anyone

Golf is not a game that is meant for only professional golfers and wealthy individuals, it’s a game that should be played by everyone, young or old, rich or poor, professional or amateur. The most important thing is that they enjoy playing the game and have a passion for it. You will never know if this is the sport for you, not until you set foot on the green and take your first swing.

We take a look at the reasons why golf can be played by anyone.

Playing golf as children

Many of the golf players who are ranked highly began playing golf as young children. In many cases, they started by playing mini-golf which is a very popular game among young children and as they grew older they were introduced to the golf course most likely by their parents or close relatives and they start playing in amateur tournaments. Such children end up perfecting their game play and will often rise through the ranks and become professional golfers. It’s actually advisable to introduce children to this sport so that they have ample time to hone their skills.

old - These are the reasons why golf can be played by anyone

Playing golf as seniors

Golf is a sport that is of tremendous benefits to seniors and in most cases will be prescribed to them by their doctors. It offers them a great opportunity to exercise as well as socialize with their peers or mentor their juniors. Some seniors may take up golf later in life after they have retired whereas others happen to have played golf all their lives. It’s mostly the latter who will take up the responsibility of teaching newbies at the golf course.

golf4 - These are the reasons why golf can be played by anyone

Playing golf as women

Gone are the days when golf was seen as a male sport, as today we have women players in both the professional and amateur leagues and they are very good at the sport. So popular is women golfing that women specific golfing equipment and merchandise are selling pretty fast. Mostly, female tournaments are usually held separately from male tournaments but there are a number of golf courses that try to make things a little bit more interesting by having tournaments that involve both men and women competing against each other.

All in all, to be good at golf you must never forget that practice makes perfect. It’s never too late to get into the sport. All that is required is drive, passion and an investment in good equipment and a good golf course.

3 health benefits of playing golf

Many people including golf players have always thought of golf as merely being a leisure sport and an activity for the wealthy. What many of these people don’t know is that playing golf actually has health benefits. Playing golf is also a form of exercise that has tremendous benefits to an individual.

Let’s take a look at 3 health benefits of golf.

Golf is great for your cardiovascular health

A typical game of golf has 18 holes and in most golf courses, these holes are on average spread out over a distance of between 5 and 8 miles. Players will often cover this distance through walking therefore getting a very good cardio workout. Playing golf 3 to 4 times a week will contribute greatly to your cardiovascular health. If you are a frequenter of golf courses be sure to ditch the golf cart and cover the distance on foot.

Golf helps in improving sleep

Because golf is an outdoor sport and is a physically engaging activity, it can help improve sleep for a player who plays it regularly as studies have shown that people who are involved in regular physical activity usually enjoy better sleep. This is because the body gets exhausted and therefore will need to recuperate therefore inducing sleep.

img1 - 3 health benefits of playing golf

Golf is good for your mental health

Golf is a very social sport as it encourages players to interact with each other throughout the course. This interactions and opportunities to make friends will help increase a person’s self-esteem as well as happiness. This therefore helps in promoting good mental health because it keeps a person free from depression, stress, anxiety and other mental health problems.

Now you know. The next time you are on a golf course be sure to maximize on the opportunity to get some much needed exercise.

These are the main equipment you need for golf

In order to be able to play golf, there are a few pieces of equipment that you require. If you are just playing golf for fun or recreation, you can opt to rent the equipment but if you are pursuing it as a profession you can buy this equipment. If you opt to rent, the equipment will be available in the golf course where you opt to play but if you are intending to buy the equipment, you should consider visiting a sporting goods store.

Here is a list of the main equipment that you will require.

golf1 - These are the main equipment you need for golf

#1 Golf balls

This is a rather obvious point. In order to be able to play golf, you need to have golf balls, and not just any balls but the right balls. Golf balls come in many designs and weights and this impacts how the ball behaves when it’s struck. This therefore means that you will need to learn more about the different types of balls and how they will impact your game before you purchase them.

golf3 - These are the main equipment you need for golf

#2 Golf clubs and tees

Golf clubs also come in different designs, sizes and types of material used to make them. The type of golf club you choose to use will depend on how far you have to hit the ball, how precise you need to hit the ball as well as how you want the ball to move when you hit it. There are about 14 different types of golf clubs therefor you need to have a proper understanding of how each of these golf clubs are used. The tee on the other hand is used for placing the ball when you are taking your first swing.

golf2 - These are the main equipment you need for golf

#3 Golf bag and other apparel

The golf bag will come in handy for carrying all these equipment that you have with you while you are on the green. The bags come with plenty of compartments to give you ample space to carry everything. Other apparel will include golf shoes, gloves and other equipment which can sometimes be optional.

We trust that you now know the necessary equipment you need before stepping on the green.